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Single Wall Stove Pipe Kit
Buy Single Wall Stove Pipe Kit 1 Each. Single Wall Stove Pipe Kit 6. Durablack Stovepipe Kit. Kit comes with: DuraBlack slip connector, 2 24 s of DuraBlack single wall bla... 9
Duraplus Pipe
Duraplus Pipe Shop for M G Duravent Chimney Pipes 1 Each. Duraplus Pipe. Duraplus All Fuel Chimney Pipe. Triple wall, all fuel pipe for use with wood stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, boilers & ... 10
Roof Flashing Duraplus
Roof Flashing Duraplus Click here for Flashing 1 Each. Roof Flashing , DuraPlus. Duraplus Roof Flashing. DuraPlus is designed to stay cool on the outside, to provide a hot draft on the in... 10
Gas Vent Pipe
Gas Vent Pipe Round Gas Vent Pipe 1 Each. Gas Vent Pipe. Round Rigid Type B Gas Vent Pipe. Use for venting listed natural gas or LP Category I draft hood appliances, i. e. ; ... 10
Square Ceiling Support
Square Ceiling Support M G Duravent Finished Ceiling Supports 1 Each. Square Ceiling Support. 0/12 6/12 Square Ceiling Support Box. DuraPlus all fuel use with flat, vaulted or cathedral ceilings 11 tall... 10
Telescoping Stove Pipe
Black Pipe - Telescoping Stove Pipe 1 Each. Telescoping Stove Pipe. Dvl Telescoping Stove Pipe. DVL double wall, telescoping pipe Use for a two piece installation from stove to... 11
Duraplus Class A Chimney Pipe
Duraplus Class A Chimney Pipe from M G Duravent 1 Each. DuraPlus Class A Chimney Pipe. STRONGDURAPLUS CLASS A CHIMNEY PIPE /STRONG/PSTRONG& square ceiling support box& is used with flat, v... 11
Telescoping Diameter Pipe Trim
Telescoping Diameter Pipe Trim 1 Each. Telescoping 6 Pipe with Trim. Telescoping Pipe With Trim. DuraBlack single wall stovepipe completes the venting system when used wit... 11
Double Wall Tee
Double Wall Tee 1 Each. Double Wall Black Tee. 6 Dvl Double Wall Black Tee. Double wall black tee with clean out Use with rear exit appliances & applian... 11
Attic Insulation Shield
Attic Insulation Shield 1 Each. Attic Insulation Shield. Attic Insulation Shield. For 6 to 8 vent size Required for installations that pass through an attic to prev... 11

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