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Square Ceiling Support
Buy Square Ceiling Support 1 Each. Square Ceiling Support. 0/12 6/12 Square Ceiling Support Box. DuraPlus all fuel use with flat, vaulted or cathedral ceilings 11 tall... 16
Single Wall Stove Pipe Kit
Single Wall Stove Pipe Kit Shop for M G Duravent Venting Kits 1 Each. Single Wall Stove Pipe Kit 6. Durablack Stovepipe Kit. Kit comes with: DuraBlack slip connector, 2 24 s of DuraBlack single wall bla... 15
Duraplus Extended Roof Bracket Pipe Chimney
Duraplus Extended Roof Bracket Pipe Chimney Click here for Chimney Support 1 Each. DuraPlus Extended Roof Bracket for 6 Pipe Chimney. Duraplus Extended Roof Bracket. Use to support the chimney when it extends more t... 14
Gas Vent Pipe
Gas Vent Pipe Round Gas Vent Pipe 1 Each. Gas Vent Pipe. Round Rigid Type B Gas Vent Pipe. Use for venting listed natural gas or LP Category I draft hood appliances, i. e. ; ... 14
Attic Insulation Shield
Attic Insulation Shield M G Duravent Attic Insulation Shields 1 Each. Attic Insulation Shield. Attic Insulation Shield. For 6 to 8 vent size Required for installations that pass through an attic to prev... 14
Flt Ceil Support Box
Chimney Support - Flt Ceil Support Box 1 Each. Flt Ceil Support Box. Duraplus Flat Ceiling Support Box. chimney pipe and allowing a positive connection between support box and chi... 14
Roof Flashing Duraplus
Roof Flashing Duraplus from M G Duravent 1 Each. Roof Flashing , DuraPlus. Duraplus Roof Flashing. DuraPlus is designed to stay cool on the outside, to provide a hot draft on the in... 13
Pellet Vent Pipe
Pellet Vent Pipe 1 Each. Pellet Vent Pipe. Pellet Vent Pipe. Galvanized pipe for pellet stoves Not to be used with corn burning stoves which require multi fu... 13
Multi Fuel Venting Kit
Multi Fuel Venting Kit 1 Each. Multi Fuel Venting Kit 3. STRONGMULTI FUEL VENTING KIT/STRONG/PSTRONGkit is used for Horizontal Installations where you would be exi... 12
Telescoping Diameter Pipe Trim
Telescoping Diameter Pipe Trim 1 Each. Telescoping 6 Pipe with Trim. Telescoping Pipe With Trim. DuraBlack single wall stovepipe completes the venting system when used wit... 12

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