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Sanding Sponge Fine Grit
Buy Sanding Sponge Fine Grit Case of 250. 0 Sanding Sponge Fine Grit. Full Size Sanding Sponge. For wet or dry sanding Use on wood, paint, metal, plastic & drywall Rinse... 7
Respirator Full Face Paint Spray Assembly
Respirator Full Face Paint Spray Assembly Shop for 3m Respirators Dust Masks 1 Each. 0 Respirator Full Face Paint Spray Assembly. 6000 Series Full Face Face Paint Spray Assembly. 3M 6000 Series full face paint spray/p... 7
Floor Sandpaper Type Grit
Floor Sandpaper Type Grit Click here for Sandpaper Rolls 50. 0 Floor Sandpaper Type E 100 2/0 grit. Type E Floor Surfacing Paper. Silicon carbide Closed coating Width: 8 x 50 Yd. 100 2/0 Grit... 7
Fine Sanding Sponge
Fine Sanding Sponge Sanding Sponges Blocks Case of 108. 00 Fine Sanding Sponge. High Flexibility Sanding Sponge. Extraordinary for cont and hard to reach surfacesTough aluminum oxide ... 7
Sanding Sheets Wet Dry Screen Cloth
Sanding Sheets Wet Dry Screen Cloth 3m Sandpaper Sheets 25 Each. 0 Sanding Sheets, Wet/Dry Screen Cloth. Silicon Carbide Screen Cloth. For drywall & porous material sanding Waterproof open mes... 7
Emery Cloth Fine
Sandpaper Sheets - Emery Cloth Fine 50 Each. 0 Emery Cloth, Fine. Crystal Bay™ Emery Cloth. For light metal sanding, removing rust and corrosion from metal 50 9 x 11 sheets per... 7
Garnet Paper Grit
Garnet Paper Grit from 3m 100 Each. 0 Garnet Paper, 120c Grit. Garnet Sandpaper Sheets Bulk Pack. Produces smooth, fine finishes on bare woods Choice of woodworkers a... 7
Contour Sand Sponge
Contour Sand Sponge Case of 250. 0 06964 220 Cont Sand Sponge. Cont Surface Sponge Sander. For use on small areas Rinse and reuse Use wet or dry Use with drywal... 8
Floor Sweeper Model Large
Floor Sweeper Model Large 1 Each. 0 Floor Sweeper Model 6000 Large. Large Floor Sweeper Model 6000. is NOT mothers or grandmothers floor sweeper. & is the 3M Floor Sw... 8
Cp Wb oz Fire Caulk
Cp Wb oz Fire Caulk Case of 12. 0 Cp 25wb+ 10. 1oz Fire Caulk. 3m Fire Barrier Sealant. High performance latex based intumescent firestop sealant When properly ... 8

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