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Plus.ro recommends the Ex Exit Device by Tell Mfg. Panic Or Exit Hardware. 8300 SERIES GRADE 1 RIM EXIT DEVICE b Exit device has rail to fit 28 to 36 doors Surface mounted for doors 1 3 4 to 2 thick Latch: stainless.
Buy Ex Exterior Lever Trim EXIT DEVICE EXTERIOR LEVER TRIM b Entry lever trim for Tell 8000 series exit device Exterior section lever trim Comes with
Buy Cextnl P Smt Cp Handleset CHELSEA HANDLESET W TUSTIN LEVER b Chelsea exterior handleset w Tustin design interior lever & single cylinder deadbolt Operate
Shop for Bosch Vermont American Drywall Bits SCREW STARTER COOKIE JAR ASSORTMENT b 100 pcs of drywall screw starters
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