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Shop.Plus.ro recommends the Corrugated Gas Tubing In Ft by Pro Flex from Hardware World. Model number: PFCT-342225 - Product id: 551330933 - UPC: 659518003104 - Item number: C43ZX8. Builders Supplies product prices may vary. 1 Each. Corrugated Gas Tubing 3/4in x 225 Ft. Csst Corrugated Gas Piping. Corrugated stainless steel tubing used to supply natural gas or propane in residential,commercial and industrial buildings High strength piping system can be routed beneath, through & alongside basement joints, inside interior wall cavity or through attics Extremely. Please contact Hardware World's customer service for ordering information and payment options. As an associate publisher, we cannot guarantee availability of the Corrugated Gas Tubing In Ft.

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