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Shop.Plus.ro recommends the Coated Fence Staple Box by Mazel from Hardware World. Model number: 146050118 - Product id: 477244015 - UPC: 726047146166 - Item number: GJXHR5. Fence Staples product prices may vary. 50 Pound. Coated Fence Staple, 50# Box. Fence Staples. Gauge: #9Coated1 1/850 box. We are an associate publisher, please contact Hardware World's customer service for ordering information and payment options.

In Coated Fence Staple Product Picture 2424
In Coated Fence Staple - Home Improvement > Buy In Coated Fence Staple 50 Pound. 50# 1 3/4in. Coated Fence Staple. Fence Staples. #9 gauge fence staples for wood fencing Available in bright, cement...
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Fence Staple Pound Box Product Picture 2424
Fence Staple Pound Box - Home Improvement > Click here for Fence Staples 50 Pound. Fence Staple, 1 1/2 50 Pound Box. Fence Staples. Gauge: #9BrightRoughly3900 staples...
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