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Shop.Plus.ro recommends the Ppav In Cc Gs Chain Saw by Husqvarna from Hardware World. Model number: 966807601 - Product id: 615737410 - UPC: 24761035507 - Item number: 7OAFKE. Chain Saws product prices may vary. 1 Each. Pp5020av 20in. 50cc Gs Chain Saw. 20 Poulan Chain Saw. 46cc/2. 8 cu. in. DuraChrome engine 20 bar with 33SLP chain Anti vibration handle reduces operator fatigue Gar driven automatic chain oiler Inertia chain brake SuperClean air filter system Quick adjust chain tightening system Dual counterw 8 crankshaft 2. Please contact Hardware World's customer service for ordering information and payment options. As an associate publisher, we cannot guarantee availability of the Ppav In Cc Gs Chain Saw.

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