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Shop.Plus.ro recommends the Composite Deck Screw Grey Pack Of by Grk Fasteners from Hardware World. Model number: RK9212GPP - Product id: 477246264 - UPC: 772691661517 - Item number: KZR1OO. Composite Deck product prices may vary. 1 Pack. Composite Deck Screw, Grey #9/2. 5/Pack of 510. Kameleon TM Composite Deck Screws. Excellent choice for composite deck applicationsUnder head has saw blade like cutting teethThey cut a absolutely clean hole into the deckingHas 5 rings with 3 indented fiber traps on every ring to trap fibers eliminates mushroomsCEE thread feature enlarges. We are an associate publisher, please contact Hardware World's customer service for ordering information and payment options.

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