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Plus.ro recommends the Kitchen Bath Sealant by Dap. Kitchen Bath Caulk. 3. 0 KITCHEN, BATH & PLUMBING SEALANT b High performance sealant is ideal for repairing loose tiles & caulking tubs, showers & sinks Microban.
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Buy Npmdbrz Npmedbrz Ml Poly Sealant BASF MASTERSEAL NP1 POLYURETHANE SEALANT b A one component, high performance, non priming, gun grade, elastomeric polyurethane
Buy Zw Zw G Int Pva Primer ECONOMY INTERIOR PVA PRIMER b Good hiding and holdout Prevents sheen variation in topcoats Use under latex, oil or alkyd
Shop for Quick R Pipe Insulation SELF SEALING PIPE INSULATION b 3 8 thick pipe insulation in 3 s Saves energy stops heat loss condensation Resists freezing
Click here for New Arrivals REFLECTIVE UTILITY ROPE b Multi filament polypropylene utility rope Has reflective tape throughout of rope which means safety

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