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Shop.Plus.ro recommends the Ft Arbrst Tree Pruner by Corona Clipper from Hardware World. Model number: TP 6881 - Product id: 477239333 - UPC: 38313016104 - Item number: 5GDQB7. Tree Pruners product prices may vary. 1 Each. 12ft. Arbrst Tree Pruner. Dual Compound Action Arborist Pruner. Compound action, dual pulley system triples cutting powerForged steel alloy, Radial Arc R bladeFully heated treated, forged steel hook16 Razor Tooth R saw blade and quick connect ferrule 2 six foot, high strength fiberglass pole sections to use or combined with saw: 1 3/4 Dia.. Please contact Hardware World's customer service for ordering information and payment options. As an associate publisher, we cannot guarantee availability of the Ft Arbrst Tree Pruner.

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